Monday, October 7, 2013

Brewing Engineering

You might be wondering why there hasn't been a blog post in a while.  I've been focusing my efforts of the production of a "Brewing Engineering."  A book to capture the last year of research that I have conducted.  Over 200 pages and nearly 50 tables designed to simplify the brewing process.

It's available now!

Brewing Engineering is the culmination of extensive work done to understand how each part of the brewing process works. Understanding is developed into application and presented in a way that brewers can utilize, regardless of background. If you are a beer geek like me, I’m sure you’ll find reading about brewing science quite entertaining. If you are more of an artist, don’t worry: each exploration wraps up into practical application of the concept. If you have visited my blog, much of this information will look familiar. The most valuable posts have been included in this book. Each one carefully edited, and in some cases expanded on and even re-written. In addition, some of the information in this book you will not be able to find on my blog, or anywhere else for that matter!