Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cell Density Meter Update

When the Cell Density Meter is released we want to make sure we have worked out all the bugs, smoothed all the wrinkles, and that it works seamlessly.  Our goal is straight forward operation with complex algorithms underneath to provide accurate measurements in the strenuous brewing environment.

At this point we have several working algorithms and are evaluating how they can best be implemented.  The enclosure is in its final stages of fit checks and adjustments.  

To put the Cell Density Meter though it's paces I conducted a comparative study of starter growth with and without a stir plate.  In summary the yield is about the same, but the cell growth is much faster with a stir plate.  Download the full report below.
Agitation Effects on Growth Rate and Yield of Brewer’s Yeast

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bittering Hops in 15 Minutes

In case you wanted to isomerize alpha acids six times faster here is how to do it.  The full article is on Home Brew Talk here: