Sunday, March 30, 2014

Extract Recipe Calculator

Why would anyone make yet another recipe calculator?  There are two major short comings of existing recipe formulation tools that stand out.
  1. Attenuation is normally fixed at 75% and is independent of the ingredients.
  2. Salts are generally not accounted for, especially the salt contribution of the extract.
Experiments have shown that the type of sugar in the wort directly effects the attenuation of the beer.  Simple sugars, such as corn or cane sugar, are 100% fermentable.  Maltodextrin does not ferment, and Briess DME is designed to be 75% fermentable.

Before Dry Malt Extract is dry it is wort, the same as it would be when making beer.  To make wort malted barley and water is mashed and then sparged.  The difference is that after the wort is made, instead of being fermented, the water is removed.  All of the salt that are present in the water are left behind in the dry malt extract.  The folks at Briess were kind enough to tell me exactly what to expect with their products.

This tool takes these factors into consideration. 

Extract Recipe Calculator.xlsx

Using the Calculator

Orange cells are meant to be changed.
Bold Orange text is calculated.

Volumes for your recipe are entered in column B.  Ingredients can be selected from the drop downs in column D.  Feel free to add more ingredients on the "LookUp" tab, but keep in mind that for things too work correctly they must remain in alphabetical order.

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