Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas wish list for homebrewers

Homebrewing is a wonderful hobby, and with it come lots of toys.  Some make better beer, but lets face them just add that bling factor to our rigs. 
This list of brewing equipment is the best I have found organized from low to high cost to make it easy to shop for the brewer on your holiday shopping list.

Brew Bag -
This stocking stuffer will make any brewer happy that is looking to start all grain.  The 5 gallon paint strainer bag will fit most brew kettles, and can be reused.  If you are handy with a sewing machine I would recommend making one, but if you have two left thumbs when it comes to needle and thread this is the best alternative I have found.

The Auto siphon -
If you don't have one of these, get it.  It was a night and day difference when I switched over from traditional racking method to an auto siphon.  With a few quick pumps the beer will be flowing from one container to the next.  It's much less messy than using tubing by itself.

16 qt brew kettle -
If you are brewing stove top, it will be difficult to boil more than 4 gallons of water, so the 16 qt pot is the perfect size.  For the brew in a bag (BIAB) method this allows for up to 10lbs of grain to be used in the grist making it possible to produce beers up to 5% ABV in a 5 gallon batch, and up to 8% if a 3 gallon batch.

10 gallon cooler -
This is on my wish list.  This can serve a dual purpose as a swap cooler and a mash/later tun.  As a swamp cooler it will hold cold temperatures during the summer months to tightly control ales, and keep drastic, beer damaging, temperature swings minimized during the winter months for producing lagers.  As a mash and Later tun the isolation will help maintain the single degree of control needed to mash grain.  For use as a later tun, the valve can be converted for about $20 in parts.

Or get it already converted!

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