Friday, January 11, 2013

SF Lager Lab Results

Strain: SF Lager
Testing Date: 1/11/2013
Viability: 94%
Total viable cell density: 937 million cells per ml
Thick viable cell density: TBD
Stress level: Low, Similar characteristic flavors to previous batch.
Bacteria level: Low, Sourness unlikely. (0.13% bacteria per viable cell)


Suggested Pitch Rates:

Pitch rate
Volume of homogenized slurry
Volume of settled cells (Thick cell layer)
100 billion cells for 5 gallons
106 ml
175 billion cells for 5 gallons
187 ml
250 billion cells for 5 gallons
267 ml

Viability – Percentage of live cells of the entire cell population
Total Viable Cell Density – The number of viable cells in one milliliter of homogenized slurry.
Thick Viable Cell Density – The number of viable cells in one milliliter of settled cells such as those at the bottom of a starter that has been refrigerated.
Stress Level – A rudimentary assessment of cell health based on cellular morphology. 
Bacteria – The percentage of visible bacteria of the yeast population

Other notes:

This is one of the healthiest yeast cultures that I have looked at in a while.  There is very little protein or hop trub.  The cells that could be mold were very scarce, and also have stained blue indicating that they are dead.  These are normally found in tubing or valves.  It looks like you must be doing a good job of cleaning them because the mold is dead.


This report is an evaluation of the sample that was provided.  There are no guarantees.  The sample may perform differently than the slurry for a number of reasons that are beyond control.  Care is taken to provide accurate results, however measurement error due to equipment tolerances, process, and calibration will create deviation in measurement from absolute values. This is not an evaluation of health or safety risks.

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