Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beer Wars

This really answers the question of "Why Budweiser just doesn't get it."  This is a well done documentary following several craft brewers over the course of about a year.  It highlights how "big beer" works hard on pushing out any competition instead of making great beer.

You'll see Sam Calagione founder of Dogfish head and his battles with Big beer. See the saga of Moonshot '69 as it was pushed out of the market.

Overall it was a great movie that made me want to go out and support craft brewing!

PS for those following the Side by Side Starters posts: 
There are several applications of the data from the experiments which I am trying to condense, but this may be a few posts with the final results.  So today is time to take a break from the numbers.


  1. I just watched this again recently too. Definitely a good documentary to get excited about beer.

    Of course I thought the gimmicky nature of Moonshot would have doomed it to failure anyway. Personal opinion of course.

  2. Thanks for the kudos. It actually took 3 years to make the film.
    Anat Baron